Enterprise Risk Management

The insurance industry operates under a complex world of economics. These economics, in conjunction with aggressive demands from regulators, shareholders and stake holders, can make insurance a difficult business to manage. Yet a few insurers have been able to develop enterprise risk management frameworks that support strategic decisions and create real business value. A robust ERM framework enables insurers to better identify, measure, accept, control, report, and monitor all material risks. A holistic approach to risk management is needed that takes into account the correlations and dependencies of risks across all the core activities of an insurer. The Solvency II is a regulatory framework founded on ERM principles being adopted by insurance companies.

What we can do for you?

At SIR Consultants, we suggest companies need to look at the wider canvas of risk and manage them at right time comprehensively. Our years of experience helping insurance companies and Takaful operators in the region makes us different from the competition. Our practical solutions and services are designed by a talented team which has actuaries, risk management experts, IT and system experts and HR professionals.

Our core competencies are enlisted:

  • Enterprise risk management framework
  • Key risk identification
  • Risk management policies and procedures
  • Risk appetite, controls, mitigation, retention, transfer and management strategies
  • Risk measurement and quantification
  • Asset liability management
  • Optimal investment strategy design
  • Capital Modeling