Seminar on IAS 19 – Employee Benefits – ICAP – Karachi


SIR Consultants Pvt Ltd. participates in the Seminar on IAS 19 – Employee Benefits organized by Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) Southern Regional Committee at ICAP House in Karachi on 28th of February 2020.

Ali Omer Golam Morshed (Fellow of Institute of Actuaries, UK and FCA from ICAEW/ICAP) and Rahim Feroz Ali (Associate Member of Society of Actuaries, USA) were amongst the elite panel of speakers.

Ali Omer Golam Morshed discussed the Three Pillar model of Employee Benefits developed by World Bank in detail with respect to Pakistan End of Service Benefits Schemes.

Rahim Feroz Ali’s presentation was on “the IAS 19 with a walkthrough of the Actuarial Report” in which, he discussed in detail how IAS 19 – Employee Benefits works. He explained overall understanding of post-retirement benefits, underlying assets and related concepts, scope and overview of IAS 19, accounting for defined benefit schemes, challenges relating to determination of demographic and economic assumptions and an overview of the valuation process.

At the end of the seminar ICAP President Mr. Khalilullah Sheikh ends the seminar with closing remarks and  presented the shields to the Speakers Mr Ali Omer Golam Morshed and Mr Rahim Feroz Ali.